Every pre-wipe is Shenanigans day. We give out OP kits, enable free building, have some events and do other fun things. Find out more below. Glorious.


Antics 86%
Capers 78%
Horseplay 62%
Nonsense 91%
Fronttrackery 18%
Fun 100%



noun state of being hard-hearted to the troubles of the world because fuck it – its shenanigans day.

“You know what guys, lets drop our beefs and just have some fun today.”
“Now that’s what I call having a good shenanitude.”

Overpowered Autokits

Spawn into the world with a crazy autokit which may contain weapons, armor, explosives, resources, turrets, materials, and much more!

Ludicrous Plugins

Free /bgrade, no cooldown on airstrikes, supply signal strikes, infinite ammo, kill/death ratio UI, and much more. Sometimes we drop in plugins that allow you to spawn in tanks, fly gyrocopters, and so on.

PVP & Events

Meet at the airfield for eoka battles! Construct bases and then live raid each other! Enjoy a stay in the CallHeli9000 heli tower! Set up a rocket tower game! So much fun to be had. Keep your eyes open for custom events an admin has set up.

August 16, 2017