EffigyLTD Connection Guide

Please connect to our server by following one of the following guides or by clicking the ‘CONNECT TO SERVER’ button below. Don’t forget to bookmark our site and add the server to your favorites!

Connect Via Console:

  1. Launch Rust.
  2. Press F1 to open the console then click the CONSOLE tab.
  3. Type the following command and press ENTER:

Connect Via Server Browser:

  1. Launch Rust.
  2. Click the PLAY GAME (Rust icon) button along the top.
  3. Click the MODDED section on the left.
  4. Along the bottom, click where it says “Search Servers..”
  5. Type the following: EffigyLTD
  6. If “EffigyLTD” does not show in the list, click “Refresh All” to get the latest server information.
  7. In the search results, click the star icon next to “EffigyLTD” to favorite the server.
  8. Click on “EffigyLTD” and then click “JOIN SERVER

If you would like to suggest an edit to this page, contact an Admin or use the #suggestions channel on our Discord.

August 15, 2017