EffigyLTD Beginner's Guide

You have made the decision to join EffigyLTD. Welcome to the best Rust server named EffigyLTD ever! As you awaken on the beaches of Effigy Island there are a few things you should know before you begin your journey for epic loot.

  1. Enable your Backpack:
    Press F1, type the following command and then press ENTER:
    bind b
    Now everytime you press the ‘b‘ button it will open up additional storage for you to use as you are resource gathering or looting. You only have to do it once the first time you log onto the server and you will never have to do it again but the backpack will always be there for you to use if you just press the ‘b‘ button!
  2. Claim some kits:
    EffigyLTD has several kits availble to players. Type ‘/kits‘ to see a list of those kits and a brief description of each. Use ‘/kit starter‘ to get the materials to help you quickly build your first house!
  3. Set a home teleport point:
    Setting a home allows you to quickly travel to your base from anywhere on the map. Once you build your base you will want to stand in the place you want to be your teleport point. Type ‘/home add ‘ (replace with any word you’d like without the < > brackets). Example ‘/home add base‘. To teleport to your home type ‘/home ‘. For the example above you would type ‘/home base‘. You get 3 homes by default while donators get a few extra. Type ‘/home list‘ to see all the teleport spots you have set up.
    To remove a teleport point that you no longer use type ‘/home remove ‘ For the above example type ‘/home remove base‘. Now that you have a home teleport set up you should visit the server’s town!
  4. Town:
    To visit town just type ‘/town‘ in the chat. In town you will find the Effigy town hall. Inside, there are NPC vendors that will sell you the loot you need and will buy the loot you don’t want. To the left of the town hall you will find the Vault. Talk to the NPC in the bank named Captian Professor and you will have access to your personal vault. PVP and player looting is disabled in town but you can still be killed by PVE (heli, fall damage, animals). Be sure to not die in town as you will not be able to loot your body.
  5. The Vault:
    The vault is the place you should keep your most valuable items. It is unlootable. Unraidable. It can survive anything… Except for Wipes!
  6. Donating and VIP kits:
    Some kits you may not have access to until you are a VIP. Donating helps us finance the server and deliver quality improving features for your rust experience. Click the DONATE menu or type ‘/donate‘ in-game to find out more about donanting and all the perks you get when you donate!
  7. Voting:
    Click the VOTE menu and use the links to vote for our server. Doing so will increase our servers exposure and attract more players. You will be rewarded with goodies such as supply signals, cash, components and +1 to all of your Z-Levels. Type ‘/rewards list‘ in chat to check out all the rewards you get for voting. After voting use ‘/claim‘ in game to claim you rewards.
  8. Recycling:
    EffigyLTD has a plugin which gives you your very own mobile recycler. Never go to a radtown to use a recycler again!
    Just type ‘/rec‘ in chat. Drag the items you want to recycle to the box on the right. Poof your item was recycled! Make sure you unload any weapons and take off any attachments before you recycle them. Recycling is permanent… admin cannot replace items that were mistakenly recycled. Be careful!
  9. Skins:
    Visit NPC Skinner in /town to unlock any skin in the game! Once you’ve purchased some skins, hold a skinnable item and then use ‘/skin‘ to open the re-skin box. It may take a moment for all the skins to cache the first time it is called. Don’t like the skin you chose? You can reskin the same item multiple times.
  10. Wipe:
    We wipe when Facepunch forces us to (typically the first Thursday of the month) and then every 2 weeks from there. Everything gets wiped except for blueprints.
  11. Discord:
    Click the DISCORD menu to join us on our Discord server. We have various voice channels set up including clan channels and even a couple non-Rust channels. Come hang out with the people trying to murder you in-game!
August 12, 2017

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