EffigyLTD Discord Rules

Violating rules may result in a warning, temporary mute or ban. Some rules are enforced automatically by the chat bot while others are enforced by moderators. Being a nuisance will generally result in immediate ban and, depending on the situation may even extend in-game as well. Please read the rules carefully.

General Rules:

  • Impersonating an admin or moderator is never allowed, under any circumstance.
  • Do NOT grief our Discord server in any way. Being a nuisance is not allowed. No spam. Do not make sudden loud noises into your microphone. No channel hopping. No griefing the music channel.
  • No links, images or text may contain: NSFW, porn, racism, or disturbing links.
  • Abusing @everyone or any other roles will result in loss of ‘verified’ privileges.
  • Always be kind and courteous. A channel is just as much yours as the next player so give the respect you want to receive.
  • If you are prone to annoying background noise, turn push-to-talk on or mute your microphone.
  • No voice changers or text-to-speech programs. We were all squeakers once so deal with it.
  • Many rules will remain unwritten. Use common sense.

TIP: If you find that you are getting too many notifications from one of our channels, you can right-click check “Mute #”. You may also mute the server if you chose. You’ll still be able to read and participate in the channel but you won’t receive new notifications.

Channel Rules & Info:

  • AFK voice channel can be used while away from keyboard. Everybody is muted.
  • TrackShack voice channel is considered the “Everyone” channel. Feel free to join.
  • Channel 1-# voice channels are for general use.
  • Music voice channel is for music only. Everybody is muted by default. The #music text channel controls the music bot.
  • Clan 1-# voice channels are for Rust clans only! You can join an empty channel or a channel occupied by your clan mates freely. However, you may not enter an occupied clan channel unless you are in that clan or you have permission. You need to ask via PM, in-game or in #general. No matter what, if you aren’t in that clan and you are then asked to leave – you must leave. Ping a moderator if somebody won’t leave. Temp bans can be handed out depending on the situation.
  • Non-Rust 1-# voice channels can be used to play other games with your server friends.
  • #general text channel is for general use.
  • #salt text channel is for trash-talk.
  • #announcements text channel is for updates. Follow the link to read the full entry on the website.
  • #suggestions text channel is used for offering suggestions for the server or discord. Topics discussed must be suggestion-related.
  • #music text channel is used to issue commands to the bot for the Music voice channel. Don’t use this channel to carry out a conversation. Share the music bot and give everybody a chance to play.

If you would like to suggest an edit to this page or would like to see a certain rule added, contact an Admin or use the #suggestions channel on our Discord.

August 12, 2017