EffigyLTD Server Rules

Violating rules may result in a warning, loss of perks or ban. The Admins are plugin devs and can come up with all sorts of punishments to suit the crime. Please read the rules carefully and look through the server manual for special rules a plugin may have.

Please report rule breakers with the /report command.

General Rules:

  • Impersonating an admin is never allowed, under any circumstance. If you are unsure somebody is an admin, ask for confirmation via SERVER.
  • Lying to an admin during an investigation is not allowed. If you are unsure you are being investigated, ask.
  • Building off the map is not allowed. If you wish to build a base offshore it must be within 1 square from the shoreline on RUST:IO. If you build on an iceberg then it needs to be visible on the live map.
  • Alternate accounts are not allowed. You may only play with 1 account on our server.
  • Clan limit is 5 players. Large clans kill servers. Due to the effort involved to detect, rule breakers will lose some perks, possibly the ability to clan up.
  • Do NOT grief the server. Don’t mess with server buildings (town or other custom structures). Do not intentionally try to lag the server.
  • Re: Griefing player buildings. There are no rules for this, but consider that acting a certain way will cause others to do the same. Therefore it is not encouraged, and it’d be better to clean up any doors, walls, turrets, etc when you’re done raiding. To protect yourself from griefing, bury your TC and then use /tcinv to access it. Every case of griefing so far has been due to a compromised TC.
  • No NSFW, porn, gore, nazi, racist, homophobic, disturbing content, etc on signs. Same rules apply to clan names and tags, in-game voice, as well as chat conversation.
  • Trying to work around the chat filter in order to break the previous rule will likely result in a long or permanent mute. If you receive a permanent mute, you’re likely going to receive a Discord ban, sign ban, and an in-game voice ban as well.
  • Abusing the in-game voice, or being a nuisance, will likely result in permanent mutevoice.
  • Doxing is not allowed. You may not use personal information to shame or harass anybody in-game.
  • Be aware that special rules are often created for events such as Shenanigans Day.
  • Not a rule, but please be respectful of others trying to have organized PVP at airfield.
  • Many rules will remain unwritten. Use common sense.

Cheats & Exploits:

  • Cheating is not allowed and will result in ban. For example, ESP, anti-recoil scripts, aimbot, hacks, etc.
  • Do not exploit plugins. For instance, rock glitching. Notify an admin immediately.
  • Exploits that can make you rich quick must be reported immediately.
  • There are some exploits which exist in the base game. Many of these are not allowed as they are considered cheating on this server. Don’t take chances; if you aren’t sure an exploit is considered cheating then ask. We will attempt to make a list as we go and try to stop them via plugins or other means. 
  • Use /report to report exploits and suspected cheaters. Don’t use global chat or Discord to accuse others! Violators of this rule may receive temporary mute.
  • Talking about exploits is not allowed. You may ask if something is considered an exploit. Ignoring this rule can undermine the integrity of this server and so we may respond by issuing a temporary or permanent mute in-game and on discord.
  • Players with a recent (30 Days) VAC ban will not be allowed to play.
  • If you were falsely VAC banned then follow up with Steam support. VAC will not be disabled on this server.
  • Players with RustAdmin bans will be monitored.
  • Efforts will be made to look into accusations in an impartial manner. Please understand that some cheats are undetectable as a server admin. If it can’t be reasonably proven, then the matter should be taken up with Facepunch via F7.
  • Owner will listen to concerns but has final say in all matters. Please respect my decisions.

If you would like to suggest an edit to this page or would like to see a certain rule added, contact an Admin or use the #suggestions channel on our Discord.

August 10, 2017