EffigyLTD Plugin Manual

Please use the following page as reference. Note that some plugins are VIP only or have VIP perks associated with them. Some plugins may be disabled for various reasons.

Description: Call in the Air Force and rain hellfire from the sky. Your enemies will tremble when they see a barrage of rockets from above coming at their base!

1. Airstrike costs Targeting Computers.
2. Squadstrike costs x3 as much as a regular strike.
3. Strikes incur a cooldown.

1. Run up to location you want to airstrike.
2. Decide to airstrike or squadstrike.
3. For airstrike use /airstrike buy strike.
4. For squadstrike use /airstrike buy squad.
5. Run to a safe distance before the rockets are called in.
6. Map size impacts airstrike arrival time.

Description: Blocks raiding of new players. Playtime on server determines if a player is a noob. Using a raiding tool removes protection.

1. /checknew – Allows player to check if the entity is placed by a new player to avoiding losing explosives. You can also shoot a block.

Description: Automatically fuel lights if there is fuel in the toolcupboards inventory.

1. Place low grade fuel in your Tool Cupboard. Fuel for lights will be taken automatically from here.

Description: Allows players to have Backpacks which provides them extra inventory space.

1. Open F1 console and run the following: bind b
2. Press ‘B’ to open your backpack. Enjoy the extra space.

NOTE: Backpacks are dropped on death and can be looted.
NOTE: Open/close any box to fix backpack is already open error.
NOTE: Backpacks are cleared every wipe.

Description: Fast travel to certain areas on the map.

1. /warp list – Lists all the available warp points.
2. /warp to – Teleports you to the warp point. Example, /warp to 2.
3. /warp to – Teleports you to the warp point. Example, /warp to AirfieldNorth.
4. /warp cancel – Cancels the pending warp countdown.
5. /warp back – Teleports the player back to their original position.

Description: Place bounty’s on other players using ingame items.

1. /bounty – shows help
2. /bounty add (player) – opens bounty box to deposit items. Bounty is placed when box closed.
3. /bounty add (player) money # – places cash bounty on player.
4. /bounty check – check yourself for current bounty.
5. /bounty check (player) – check player for current bounty.
6. /bounty claim – lists your current rewards with ID number.
7. /bounty claim ## – claims reward with ID number ##.
8. /bounty top – displays top 5 bounty hunters and top 5 total wanted times.
9. /bounty wanted – displays top 5 wanted players and top 5 total wanted times.

1. /bounty add xxTarget420 money 420 NOTE: Bounty list is cleared every wipe.

NOTE: Killing friends or clan members will not award bounties.

Description: Allows players to easily upgrade or downgrade an entire building. Grade 0 = twig, 1 = wood, 2 = stone, 3 = metal, 4 = high quality metal.

1. /up – upgrades entire building to this grade. Must have materials.
2. /down – downgrades entire building to this grade. No refunds!

Note: We have added custom code to this plugin to prevent server griefing. There is a personal and server-wide cooldown to prevent server CPU griefing. There is an entity count cap to prevent packet flood kicks. An admin will not bypass these restrictions so don’t ask.

Description: Create and manage a clan.

1. /clan help – Get all of the commands for this plugin.

Displays clan tags in chat. Custom coded added to allow players to change the color of their clan tag.

1. Use or other sites to pick a color.
1. /clancol – Example, /clancol #7ABCFF.

Description: Allows players to send a message from within the game to a Discord admin channel. Please use this and F7 to report cheaters instead of calling people out in chat.

1. /message – sends to the admin channel.
2. /report (player) – send cheat reports, etc regarding (player).

1. /message tyrannosauruses seem to be bugged as they seem to be giving bear meat!
2. /report xxTarget420 spamming the chat with racist remarks. see chat around 1am.

Description: Donate to the server to help with costs while acquiring some perks at the same time.

Please click HERE for all information regarding donations.

Please click HERE if you wish to donate a plugin.

Description: Automatic and independant sharing for tool cupboards, doors, storage boxes, turrets and lockers.
1. Join or create a clan to see all options.
2. /share h – displays help menu.
3. /share – displays current settings. ON means the item is set to auto-share.
4. /share- toggle a setting ON or OFF.

Note: This is a paid mod that was purchased for the server. If you wish to donate a plugin click here to learn more.

Description: Voting reward system for Rust. Rewards increase with each vote.

1. /vote – visit the websites listed.
2. Add websites listed to favorites so you don’t need to grab them from game.
3. Vote for EffigyLTD server. You will be prompted to log in to Steam. This is to ensure no vote manipulation and proper rewards.
4. /claim – once you have voted, use this command to get your rewards.
5. /reward list – lists the current reward setup.

Click here to visit the voting page

NOTE: Voting can only be done once every 24 hours. The site imposes the limit.
NOTE: Voting count is reset each month.

Description: Cash economy system for server.

1. /balance – check your balance. Also shown in the UI if enabled.
2. /transfer (player) ## – transfers ## cash to (player).
3. Cash can be used to purchase items from shops in town, airstrikes, etc.

NOTE: Cash is typically reset on the first Thursday of the month (rust forced wipe). To save some cash, purchase Bearer Bonds from Esther and place them in your Vault.
TIP: Prior to wipe, visit Esther in town. She sells EffigyLTD Bearer Bonds which can be stored in your Vault between wipes. The remainder can be spent on zLevel boosts.

Description: Add flaming fire swords to the world of Rust.

1. Equip a Salvaged Sword.
2. /firesword – Converts your sword to a fire sword.
3. Attack with or throw your flaming sword.

Note: Currently this is a perk for PlayerChallenges only but you might see it on Shenanigans day.

Description: Disables friendly fire for Rust:IO friends.

1. /ff – displays your current friendly fire status.
2. /ff on|off – toggles friendly fire on or off (default).

Description: Friends list manager.

1. /friend add (player/steamID) – adds (player) to friends.
2. /friend remove (player/steamID) – removes (player) from friends.
3. /friend list – list your friends.

1. /friend add xxTarget420

NOTE: If friendly fire is off, you will not be able to damage your friend. Use /ff on|off to toggle status.

Description: Splits up ores into equal stacks when you put them into furnaces.

1. Furnace Splitter controls appear when you open a furnace.
2. Enable or disable the splitter with the On/Off button.
3. Adjust input stacks via control.
4. Deposit your smeltable materials in the furnace. Wood will auto deposit in the furnace.
5. Press Turn On.
6. ETA is displayed within the Splitter control.

Description: AOE repair. Makes repairing your base due to decay or damage a lot easier.

1. /handyman on|off – turn handyman off or on. Default is ON.
2. /handyman – reports if handyman is off or on.
3. Place the applicable materials such as wood, stone, metal frags and HQ metal in your inventory.
4. Hit a block with your hammer and all surrounding structures within x yards will be repaired.
5. Repair costs are automatically deducted from your inventory.
6. There is a little bit of lag when you use it. Just keep swinging til structures are 100% health.

NOTE: HandyMan does not repair deployables at this time.
NOTE: Must have building privileges in order to repair damage.
NOTE: Can’t repair a structural component that took damage in the past x seconds.

Description: Summons a savage Pterodon to destroy your enemies from above.

1. /callheli – calls heli to you.
2. /callheli (player) – calls heli on player

1. /callheli xxTarget420 – calls heli on that scrublord.

NOTE: Only VIP members can call heli (twice a day). Use it offensively or to farm drops.
NOTE: Heli may get distracted by other players while en route to its destination. Calling heli is not a guarantee that it’ll get to its target.
NOTE: You can killnapalm via the /shop for a fee.

Description: Tired of having to listen to toxic/abusive/annoying players in global chat? Now you can ignore them!

1. /ignore add (player) – adds player to your ignore list.
2. /ignore remove (player) – remove player from your ignore list.
3. /ignore list – shows players on your ignore list.

NOTE: 30 is the limit.

Description: Redeemable kits full of useful items.

1. /kit – use to get a list of available kits.
2. /kit – use to redeem the kit specified.
3. Kits can also be redeemed from certain NPCs in town.
4. Kits may be sold by vendors as well for your cash.

NOTE: Some kits have cooldowns or have limits.
NOTE: Some kits are available to VIP members only. Use /donate for more information.

Description: Allows player to level up different skills which improve gathering rates. Cap and gather rate improvement are subject to balance. Gain levels by farming, voting or purchasing from Esther in /town.

NOTE: Levels are typically divided by two on the first Thursday of the month (rust forced wipe).

Description: Rewards players for play time with new permissions/usergroups. You gain 1 loyalty point per minute of playtime on our server.

1. /loyalty help – shows basic information about the plugin.
2. /loyalty – return your current loyalty points.
3. /loyalty top – display a list of the top 10 most loyal players on the server.

NOTE: Loyalty perks are automatically given out when sufficient playtime is acquired. New perks will be added over time.

Description: Instant crafting system.

1. Craft stuff.

NOTE: Non-stackable items and clothing will only insta-craft when crafting one at a time. Example, crafting 1 AK is instant. Crafting 3 AKs will use vanilla crafting times.
NOTE: Credit towards Player Challenge crafting titles will only be counted if the cooldown is incurred.
NOTE: Instant crafting for new items needs to be enabled by admin. Use /message if something is missing from the list.

Description: Pick players up from being wounded by injecting them with a medical syringe.

1. Inject a wounded player with medical syringe.

Description: Compete with the rest of the server to obtain titles and glory.

1. /pc – opens the player challenge UI.
2. Go forth and conquer the leaderboards.
3. Server announces when new top player is crowned.
4. Titles are given automatically and show up in chat.

NOTE: PlayerChallenge data is cleared on wipe.

Description: Shows a list and count of all online, non-hidden players.

1. /players – shows number of players online by group.
2. /who – shows number of players online by group.
3. /online – shows list of players online by name.

NOTE: Admins are set to hidden.

Description: Allows users to chat privately with each other.

1. /pm (player) – sends a private message to (player).
2. /r – replies to the last person you got a PM from.

1. /pm xxTarget420 try spidermanning up your mama
2. /r haha didja see what i typed? ror

Description: GUI that allows players to quickly sort items into containers.

1. Open a box and either Loot all or use the orange buttons to deposit specific types of items.
2. To keep your loot room clean, experiment wit the deposit Existing button.

NOTE: Sometimes the UI hangs around after you close a box. Open/close your inventory to fix.

Description: Recycle crafted items to base resources.

1. /rec – opens the recycle box.
2. Place items into the box to recycle.
3. Cooldowns are meant to prevent loot despawning.

Description: Load custom images to signs from a remote URL.

1. No NSFW, porn, gore, disturbing content.
2. Lock your signs. Admins can see who uploaded but don’t take chances.
3. GIF images are not supported. Use JPG or PNG.

1. /sil
2. Upload can take time depending on queue.

Example: 1. /sil

Original announcement

Description: Unlock and manage skins for all your favorite items. Skins are automatically pulled from the Steam Workshop.

1. Any bugs should be reported immediately, especially dupes. Use /message to contact an Admin.
2. Skins that provide any in-game advantage must be reported immediately so an admin can remove it. Example, transparent skins.
3. Abusing this plugin is the quickest way to have all of your skin data reset.
4. Token and skin purchases are. There will be no refunds or compensation provided for any reason. This plugin is provided “as is”.

1. Visit Skinner in town to access the shop.
2. Purchase tokens from Skinner or Esther.
3. Unlock skins with tokens.
4. /skin – opens the skin box. Be sure to have the item you wish to reskin in your hand.

Description: Allows players to freely change skins on items with skins on the Steam workshop.

1. Any bugs should be reported immediately, especially dupes. Use /message to contact an Admin.

1. /skin – opens the skin box.
2. Deposit the item into the box. For example, an AK.
3. Ammo and attachments are automatically removed and placed in your inventory.
4. Drag one of the resultant items from the skin box back into your inventory.

NOTE: We have our eye on a paid mod which works a lot better than this one. Click here for more info.
NOTE: New skins are often added.

Description: Allow users to vote to skip night time.

1. Asking others to vote the same as you is OK. Don’t be a dick if they don’t want to.

1. /voteday – when prompted, cast your vote for day.
2. /votenight – alternatively, cast your vote for night.

NOTE: If a vote fails, another attempt will be made after X minutes if configured to do so.

Description: Auto-reset Reactive Targets with a GUI hit marker and score board.

1. /target hit top <opt:##> – displays top hit distances, optional amount (default 5)
2. /target hit bullseye <opt:##> – displays top bulls-eye distances, optional amount (default 5)
3. /target pb – display your best hit and bulls-eye

NOTE: Set up your own targets or use the server’s gun range.

Description: Teleportation system for players.

1. /home list – lists all locations you have saved.
2. /home add – saves current position with alias .
3. /home remove – removes home location with alias .
4. /home – teleports you to home location with alias .
5. /tpr (player) – sends a teleport request to (player).
6. /tpa – acccepts an incoming teleport request.
7. /tpc – cancels teleport or teleport request.
8. /town – teleports yourself to town.
9. /tpinfo – shows limits and cooldowns.
10. /tphelp – shows help.

NOTE: VIP groups get perks such as additional homes, lower cooldowns and lower countdowns.

Description: Shows the current time of day on the server. Other plugins use this mod for timing.

1. /tod – displays the current time and settings for this mod.

Description: GUI Shop that uses Economics to buy and sell goods in-game.

1. Price exploits need to be reported immediately to admin. Use /message if one is not available.
2. There are no refunds for mistakes made unless the admin takes pity.

1. Speak to an NPC in town to access town shop. Each NPC has their own trade list.
2. Use the << >> buttons to navigate between pages.
3. Click on the item you wish to buy (green) or sell (red). Cash balance is auto-adjusted on transactions.

Description: Limited safe player storage.

1. Visit EffigyLTD Vault building in town.
2. Speak to teller (NPC) to access the vault.
3. Deposit or withdraw items, materials, EffigyLTD Bearer Bonds, etc.
4. Items that exceed imposed limits are returned to player inventory.

NOTE: Vaults are not wiped. Admin not responsible for lost items. Shit happens.

S0N_0F_BISCUIT Plugins:

Description: Master Lock gives players the ability to have all the code locks in their building sync with the code lock on the tool cupboard, a.k.a. the master lock.

All linked code locks will share the same code as the master lock, as well as share the same authorized player list. Upon enabling master lock, all currently unlocked code locks will link with the master lock. Also, when placing a code lock while master lock is enabled, the lock will automatically link with the master lock and lock.

When the code on the master lock is changed, all linked code locks will change as well.

1. /masterlock – Toggles master lock on or off
2. /opendoors – Opens all doors linked with the master lock
3. /closedoors – Closes all doors linked with the master lock

Description: Pesky nighttime raiders?  Turn your spotlight into a security light!  Identify the threat to your base and literally light it up!

1. /sl – Help information
2. /sl add – Converts the search light you are looking at to a security light
3. /sl remove – Converts the security light you are looking at back to a search light
4. /sl mode <all|players|heli|lightshow> – Sets the mode of the security light you are looking at
5. /sl globalmode <all|players|heli|lightshow> – Sets the mode of all security lights you own
6. /sl info – Gives the owner the ability to check the status of a search light

NOTE: When in ‘players’ or ‘all’ mode, players will not be targeted if they are the owner, are in the owner’s clan, have building privilege, are crouching or are out of line of sight.

Description: TC Manager gives players the ability to access their tool cupboard remotely, as well as calculate the upkeep cost at any level.

1. /tcinv– Opens the inventory of the building privilege the player is in
2. /upkeep – Current upkeep requirements
3. /upkeep <0-4> – Gives upkeep requirements at the provided level (Twig – High Quality)
4. /taxrate – Gives the resource tax rate used to calculate the upkeep
5. /auth – Authorizes the given player on the tool cupboard

Findles Plugins:

Description: Various simple chat commands we have added.

1. /kill – Suicide.
2. /help – Refers player to the website.
3. /web – Refers player to the website.
4. /rules – Refers player to the website.
5. /rustio – Provides the Rust:IO link.
6. /discord – Provides the Discord link.
7. /bindhelp – Gives some useful keybinds.

Description: Move all online or sleeping players to a spawnfile.

1. /mp – Help information
2. /mp <online|sleepers|all>

NOTE: Admin use only.
NOTE: coordinate and player will be eventually added to allowable destinations.

Description: Plugin to control various aspects of Shenanigans Day.

1. /shen – Displays info about Shenanigans Day.

More to come!

Description: Plugin built from the ground up to compliment the PlayerChallenges plugin. Unique rewards for people who top the PC leaderboard.

More to come!

If you would like to suggest an edit to this page or would like to see a certain plugin added, contact an Admin or use the #suggestions channel on our Discord.
We have some paid premium mods on a wish list. Click here for more info.

August 10, 2017