Want to see a paid mod added to our server? Support the Oxide developers and our server by purchasing one of the plugins below. Paid mods must be purchased, are better maintained and can do things that some free mods can’t. Our clan auto-share plugin is an example of a paid mod. Note that it will take a little time for Owner to purchase, install, configure, adjust permissions, generate help content as well as work out conflicts. We and the players thank you!

To donate a plugin, contact Findles. He’ll look at the available plugins and give you some options for plugins to purchase. Plugins need some research before purchase. After that, we’ll take your cash via PayPal and buy the plugin off of ChaosCode with the server’s account. We need to purchase the plugin because we’ll ultimately be the ones maintaining and supporting it.

Advanced Airstrike

Replace our current airstrike mod with the pro version which has 5 types of aerial bombardment. These types include: Airstrike, Squadstrike, Napalm strike, Nuke strike, and Spectre strike. Nuke strike is an awesome mushroom cloud of rockets. Spectre strike causes the airplane to circle the location and fire explosive rounds.

/strike buy <strike/squad/napalm/nuke/spectre>

Price: $20.00 USD

More info


A random treasure chest mini event. This plugin requires RandomSpawns which we already have.

Price: $15.00 USD

More info


Call cargo planes that can be shot down by players to score loot. For an extra $20 USD we can also get Lock-On Rockets.

Price: $30.00 USD

More info


Admin Menu
Manage groups, perms, and commands from a GUI menu.

The best loot plugin there is. Provides complete control on loot content.

Automatic deployment and placement for Codelocks, Doors and Doorclosers.

Better Warp
Create warp points with gateways.

Clans plugin with Allies, inbuilt FriendlyFire and much more.

Full dynamic sharing system for Cups|Doors|Boxes|Turrets for Clans|Friends.

Fire Sword
Flaming Fire Swords.

Skin management plugin.

Semi-dynamic event revolving around the helicopter.

Allows players to individually select what time / weather they want, without affecting others.

Random Spawnpoints
Generates random spawn points across the map.

Rideable Horses (Disabled. Dev abandoned it.)
Adds rideable horses to the game.

August 9, 2017