The Rust Server Search - by BunnyRapist

Every true Rust Player knows it and most rust players hate it.  Logging on to server after server to find one that is right for you.  The GRIND to find the right server before you grind to find the good loot.  So many rust servers and so many faults.  Too many massive clans with no player count limits, badmins and out of control abusive mods, neglected servers with no support staff, abusive players in the chat, endless zerging players, broken mods with no one there to fix them, maps that never change. You won’t find any of that nonsense here! EffigyLTD is a Player Experience First server.

EffigyLTD aims to provide an enjoyable Rust server with a vast amount of quality of life plugins with an engaging, diverse, and challenging player base.

The Admins

The key to a quality rust server is the caliber of its admins.  Admins that abuse the game or play favorites are toxic to a server and alienate new and loyal players alike.  Conversely, Admins that are uninvolved and negligent allow a server to run into disarray which results in an unispired and dissapointing rust experience.  Too few admins easily become overwhelmed and too many admins could result in abuse that runs amok.  The Admin team is composed of a small group of mature level-headed non-player admins.  You will not find any admin abuse here PERIOD.  The admins are very attentive to the server and rectify any issues they find as soon as possible.  They listen to any and all suggestions and try to help out players whenever they can and it is appropriate to do so.  An admin is on the server everyday.  Messages to admins are checked as soon as they are sent and addressed as soon as possible.  The heart and soul of a good rust server is its admins and EffigyLTD’s admin staff is unrivaled!

The Plugins

EffigyLTD is a heavily modded server.  There are a ton of plugins active on the server and they are all there to do one thing, IMPROVE PLAYER EXPERIENCE.
We can’t list all the plugins because there are so many however here are some of the most notable:

Are you tired of having to authorize on every tool cupboard your clan-mate puts up?  Have you ever been killed by an auto turret a clan member puts in without telling you?  Won’t happen on this server, not with this dynamic sharing plugin!

We have a town with NPC Vendors!!!  Buy the loot you need and sell the loot you have.  A truly safe trading spot!

Do you ever look in the Rust store at those skins that cost tens and hundreds of dollars and think, I will never be able to get that in game.  At EffigyLTD type /skin and pick from a huge selection for every skinable item.  From guns to rugs to clothes make rust a little more personalized by choosing your own look.  We even have unique skins that have never been in the rust store!!!

Running out of space on your character for all that sweet loot.  Set up you backpack and get extra storage to keep the grind going!

No Twig and ladder raiding here.  Get out there and make some explosives to blow that base up.  Raiding the old school way!

Get the resources you need to repair your whole base in your inventory and swing your hammer and let handyman do all the work.  Repairing made easy!

Are there actual dinos on the server?  No.  Does this plugin just rename the normal vanilla rust animals?  Yes.  Why have it?  Because its more fun to kill a dodo than a chicken.  What fun is life without a little imagination?  (hint: use /squint)

Call in the Air Force and rain hellfire from the sky.  Your enemies will tremble when they see a barrage of rockets from above coming at their base!

Store your most precious items in an unlootable Vault!  The bank can survive everything, except for wipes!

Who has the longest PVP kill?  Who has chopped the most Wood?  Who has thrown the most explosives?  This Leaderboard tracks player activities and ranks you against other players on the server.  Lead a category and get a unique tag next to your name in chat!  We have also developed a custom plugin that gives rewards that are unique to our server.

Additionally, at EffigyLTD we have something that not many rust server have, our own plugin developer!  One of the admins of EffigyLTD is an experienced Rust Plugin Developer.  His active plugins on the server include:

Pesky nighttime raiders?  Turn your spotlight into a security light!  Identify the threat to your base and literally light it up!

Do you think the new system of quarry gathering sucks?  Do you wish your quarries function like they used to when you had the chance of getting sulfur metal and high-qual from the same biome?  So did we… Old School Quarries to the rescue.

If you have an idea for a practical or fun plugin message the admin staff… there is a chance that our own private developer can bring it to life!  How many other servers have that?

Your Search Is Over

There is a place for you at Effigy.  We have all kinds of different types of players on our server currently.  From builders to raiders, pvp gods to role players, experienced to noobs you are all welcome and have a place here.  If you hop in the discord you can get to know your fellow effigy comrades and good times will be had by all.  Build a grand base, loot and plunder, get raided, kill and be killed, but have fun doing it.  Will there be salt?  Of course but you must always keep in mind these immortal words of wisdom, “It’s Rust Bro”.

February 22, 2016