Updates for 03/15/2018

New plugins to go over as well as some other news. He’s an accumulation of everything that has changed over the last wipe.


  1. PlayerChallengesRewards:
    – Current list of perks [here].
    – Added “hot tool” style perk for plants gathered.
    – Added animal kills give you and your clan bonus cash.
    – Added barrel kills give you and your clan bonus cash.
    – Added animal kills give you and your clan distance-based bonus cash.
    – Added player kills give you and your clan distance-based bonus cash.
    – The above cash rewards are spread evenly across the clan. Small clans or solo players will see a bigger piece of the pie.
    – Added SPAS to shotgun list so it can receive perks.
    – Added basic info message for when you gain a title. Will flesh this out much more later.
    – We are getting closer to being done with the initial perk setup. If you check the perk list page, you will see what I mean. Once I’m done with the first round of perks, I’ll clean up the code and start adding more messaging in the game.
  2. AntiNoobRaid: This plugin got some much needed improvements. The plugin now supports clans. This means that if you are raiding, you will remove protection for your entire clan. This is to further prevent exploiting. You can now use /removenoob to manually remove your noob status.
  3. Clans-REBORN: Our previous clans plugin has been replaced. You can now kick offline members. The biggest perk is that this plugin doesn’t rely on Rust:IO. Use /clan help in-game for a list of the commands. Thanks Tofu Ninja for donating this plugin.
  4. AlphaLoot: Created a SPAS-12 crate for the heli & bradley loot tables.
  5. Rewards: Added custom code so that cash is given for zombie kills.
  6. Town Sleepers: Built a plugin that automatically purges town sleepers on a timer. Previously this was done manually and with some inconsistency. Version 1 of this does a certain amount of damage to players on a timer. In the future I may revisit this idea and come at it from another approach. You could be unlucky and log off with a small amount of HP and hit the timer or you could get lucky and have server reboot reset the timer. Those are just the chances you take for now. Fair warning.

Fixes & Known Issues

  1. Heli: Please report any anomalies with the heli.
  2. AntiNoobRaid: Worked with dev to figure out issue that was causing lag. Incendiary rockets will not be refunded.

Updates for 03/01/2018

Wipe day. How about sending some Day 1 base builds my way for Twitter? PM on Discord or send them @EffigyLTD. Thanks!

He’s an accumulation of everything that has changed over the last wipe.


  1. PlayerChallengesRewards:
    – Current list of perks [here].
    – Added own explosives won’t damage self perk. Excludes certain explosives.
    – Added bolt does bonus damage vs Cars & Turrets perk.
    – Added no condition damage to attachments perk.
    – Added no condition damage to SMGs perk.
    – Added no condition damage to Shotguns perk.
    – Added when using x, ammo of current type is taken from inventory before magazine. If this one ends up being too OP, we can adjust or partially remove.
    – Added framework for clan reward type. Example, if player with most animal kills takes out a boar then the player + clan members each get some cash. Haven’t implemented this yet but expect it soon.
  2. AlphaLoot:
    – Improved heli loot tables with BunnyRapist. Thanks.
    – Will eventually look at Bradley, airdrops, etc.
  3. AntiNoobRaid: I am on the fence with this plugin. I don’t have the resources to police raid towers or other exploits or the desire to deal with drama every day. I’ve reintroduced it after having it down for a day. Protection is 8 hours of playtime. If the person isn’t on for 2 days, they lose noob status permanently. Dev said they would try to add clan support so that if a clan member raids, every clan member loses noob protection. No ETA. This plugin isn’t perfect and there is always going to be a way to exploit (obviously not allowed).

    Real talk. The whole point is to retain the new guys. I’ve noticed that new players tend to stick around if they are able to at least get started and aren’t dumped on every day. Doc put it perfectly “your job is easy. you just play. others have to figure out how to grow the population.” It is a team effort. I appreciate some not going too hard early in the wipe and who are on board. If you have any ideas for growing player base more let me know. If it involves imposing limits or changing gameplay (like antiofflineraid, other protections) then you are going to talk to each other first in order to get a consensus. I have other plans to help us grow as well, it just takes time to do.

  4. BetterWarps: Added plugin thanks to Connor. The /shop command will no longer be used for fast travel. Instead, you’ll use /warp. /warp list for a list of warps and then /warp to <name> or /warp to #. RaidBlock and all that should work with it. Should make for quicker setup on wipe as the current system was a pain to do every time.
  5. Cars: Made cars take more damage. You should be able to destroy one with a clip or two.
  6. DeathCoords: Wrote a tiny plugin so that the game will now try to tell you the coord and grid of the spot you died.
  7. InfoPanel: Updated this thing to give more useful information.
  8. Keybinds: Added /bindhelp command.
  9. KillNapalm: Removed this for now. Too many noobs buying by accident and will open up opportunities to counter. You can use buckets of water to remove fire, by the way.
  10. Rules:
    – Added rule regarding alternate accounts. TL;DR not allowed.
    – Added a few other rules. No Doxing!
  11. RustIO: Added /rustio command so players can get the link.
  12. ServerManual: Updated the manual. Should mostly be up to date.
  13. Suicide: Added /kill command for convenience.

Fixes & Known Issues

  1. Heli Bug: Sometimes when you shoot at the heli when it is dying, the health will reset and cause the thing to fly all weird. This happens in vanilla Rust as well and Facepunch knows about this. This wipe, we’ve been using a bandaid fix I snuck in. The HeliControl plugin dev has implemented a better workaround for this and so far it seems like it’s going to do the trick. Will continue to monitor.
  2. Rocket Launcher: Fixed an issue with magazine size.
  3. Skins/Images: Still semi broken. This is an issue in vanilla Rust as well and ultimately will need to be patched by Facepunch. The Oxide team and some of the plugin devs have been trying to work around the issue, but it has seen mixed results.

Updates for 02/10/2018

AlphaLoot, AntiNoobRaid, a referral system, forums, kits and more…

Not going to write a huge long thing.. just want to say thanks for the last year. I’ve really enjoyed myself due to the new skills I’ve learned, the people I’ve met, the laughs, etc. Especially thankful for the people who support the server and keep coming back every wipe (even when there’s only like 2 people on). Thanks for all the great suggestions as well. I don’t think I’ve let up since I’ve started, and I still have lots planned. Hope to keep you all around for as long as Rust is fun for you.

Back to our 2 week wipe schedule this Thursday!


  1. PlayerChallengesRewards:
    – Current list of perks [here].
    – Own explosives won’t damage self perk. Excludes certain explosives.
  2. AlphaLoot: We purchased this premium mod for editing loot tables. A lot more control and rarities that actually seem to work. The best thing is this plugin works amazing with the airdrop plugin. Loot for every container has been affected. Feedback has been very positive so far. Going forward, if you want to suggest some changes please provide specifics (which item, how much, what range, what containers, etc).
  3. Airdrops (alphaloot continued): Loot is handled by AlphaLoot now. Previously, crates weren’t being filled by the correct amount of items. I spent some time troubleshooting this, but in the end decided to swap loot plugins. Some of the details..
    – Airdrops spawn full and always contain some scrap.
    – The loot on the table takes rarity into consideration.
    – SupplySignals gives 1 crate while airfield/random/massdrop give more. The /shop event for example can drop up to 4 crates. Things should feel more rewarding, so maybe people will go searching for random drops more and even risk some PVP for the lucrative airfield drops.
    – Added a daily massdrop.
  4. AntiNoobRaid: Added plugin to give new players a bit of breathing room when they join the server. You can shoot a base or do /checknew to see if the base is still noob blocked. The player is no longer protected once they’ve acquired enough playtime or they themselves use an explosive. Might suck a bit in the short term, but just remember that we need to grow.
  5. Forum: Created a forum. To use, you must log in. Feel free to join in and introduce yourself, drop suggestions, link to some build videos, etc.
  6. Kits:
    – Got rid of kit Recycler. Just use /rec or monument.
    – Got rid of kit Torch. Just use /togglenoggin
    – Added Workbench 1 and a few other things to kit starter.
    – Added kit Scrap.
  7. Referrals: /refer <playername>. This can only be done once and is meant to help recruit players to the server. At this time the reward is cash.

Fixes & Known Issues

  1. Skins/Images: There’s quite a few plugins right now that use skins or images that are messed up. /sil, /skins, /skin shop, lustymap, and more. I’ll keep checking in on the situation but in the short term some of the plugins we use may or may not work. The version of PlayerSkins I tested last Saturday morning seemed to address the issue but a side effect was that it started to eat all the RAM and crashed the server twice. This was reported by every other server owner as well. The newest version released on Tuesday intermittently.
  2. Edited plugins: A couple plugin devs took suggestions I had or fixed their plugin which means less edited mods to maintain. Woot!
  3. RaidBlock: Plugin now works properly.

Updates for 02/03/2018

This is a 1-week wipe. On the 8th, Facepunch is wiping the map on us again as well as Blueprints. Next week will also be a 1-week wipe in order to get us back on track with the 2-week wipe schedule. 


  1. PlayerChallengesRewards:
    – Current list of perks [here].
    – /pcrewards command added.
    – Added /erect perk to most heals.
    – Added bonus damage to animals & zombies perk.
  2. Blueprints: Since BPs are being wiped on the 8th, decided to give everybody all of them.
  3. Removal Tool: Cost removed but /remove will no longer refund resources. It will continue to refund items though.
  4. Supply Drops: Improved loot. Some low quality annoying items were being rolled twice.

Fixes & Known Issues

  1. Skins: Rust changed something with the way Workshop skins load [see devblog 194]. This made it seem like some skins would just load forever. Seems to be working now for me. Doubt it is something that can be fixed with a plugin, but will keep an eye on it. More of a known issue at this point.
  2. Skins: There is an additional issue occurring with some categories like Eoka and more. Working on it!

Updates for 01/31/2018

Set up a server YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and email. If you want to submit images for retweet, hit me up. Long term I’d like to gain more visibility and ultimately more players. For the YouTube channel, I’d at the very least like to make short guides that we can embed on the website. If anybody captures some video on the server and edits it down to just be cool stuff, I’d be willing to host it as well. I have plans to get a logo designed too. Even ran some ads on Facebook. Lots of things to do! PC first tho before any of the time sinks mentioned above.


  1. Dedicated Server:
  2. – Cached version of the website has been migrated over to the new server.
    – Some great progress on server and oxide update automation.
  3. Levels: The huge XP amounts caused issues with the plugin. I kept the same ratios but scaled it all down to 100 level cap.
  4. PlayerChallengesRewards:
    – Current list of perks [here].
    – Added instant-TP perk to TimeLord.
    – Added cosmetic effect for most rockets fired (SpreadFire).
    – Added no fall damage perk for most players healed.
    – Added bolt action rifle bonus damage to heli & bradley perk.
    – Added reduced damage from heli & bradley perk.
    – Added Firesword perk.
  5. RandomSpawnPoints: Paid plugin acquired. Creates hundreds of spawn points around the map that you’d spawn to instead of the few locations on a beach. The treasure plugin we’ll eventually get will use this and we might be able to use it for other stuff.
  6. Shop:
    – Reduced price of levels.

Fixes & Known Issues

  1. PlayerChallenges: Implemented some bandaid fixes to stop flares from counting as an explosive and to prevent teleport to affect PVP/PVE distance kills.

Updates for 01/17/2018

Did some prep work for the next wipe. Let me tell you about quarries, loot, levels, TimeLord, and more.

Heads up about quarries:
– Quarries are purchased from Piper in town.
– Quarry output will be the same no matter where you put it.
– We’ll be doing our best to enforce a 1 per person limit. If you don’t play then your quarry goes away.. so no gifting quarries or letting others take your quarry over. You can raid quarries but not take them over for your use. You can blow them up, so if you lose access to your compound then rocket the thing from afar to reset your limit). Eventually tracking will improve so that enforcing becomes easier. I’d rather focus on how seeing how the balance plays out than dealing with enforcing so please spread the word and keep an eye out.


  1. Levels: In preparation for the wipe, XP per hit has been greatly increased. Night time XP is double that of day. I’ll adjust things after wipe based on feedback.
  2. LoadingScreen: Added new plugin. If you’ve joined, you’ve noticed it. Nifty.
  3. Mining Quarries:
    – Added ability to buy them in shop with cooldown. 1 per wipe.
    – Added EntityLimit plugin to block placing more than 1 quarry.
    – Biscuit added standard output to Old School Quarries plugin so that no matter where you place them, you’ll always get the same output.
    – Added warning message on quarry placement.
    – Will be adding all sorts of tracking to prevent abuse. May allow more later but I’d rather start off small.
    – I want to start off small with this stuff. I think having smaller amounts of quarries will make competition a little tougher. Prices might change. Maybe they’ll make it onto the loot tables.
  4. PlayerChallenges:
    – Biscuit has added playtime tracker category. Title is TimeLord. Rewards are to be determined but they will likely be good.
  5. SurveyInfo: Disabled the plugin as it no longer serves a purpose.

Fixes & Known Issues

  1. Loot: The plugin was more or less set up correctly and was spawning the correct items, but the amounts being delivered weren’t correct. Anything I put in wasn’t giving the expected results. As it turned out, dev made a mistake and Biscuit fixed it. Barrel, crate, supply drops, etc should be better. Will be subject to change later but it is nice to know that at least the numbers we put it will actually register now.

Updates for 01/14/2018

Today I bring for you a recap of all the recent changes including changes to town, vault, and a few new plugin commands. If you read any post, read this one.

Unless an influx of votes come in to the contrary, we’ll likely be doing Barren next wipe on the 18th. Vote [here].

Vault. I think some changes need to be made to this bad boy in order to increase the fun and make the server a lot more fair to newcomers. If you are efficient at using the current system as it is, you can set up an OP base on day 1 without the usual involved effort. This lets boredom creep in as players have nothing to do besides raid. The new players are hit with a double whammy as they can’t really get established or go on the offense. I’m not opposed to increasing vault size, reducing prices of levels in shop further, or making levels much easier to acquire.. just want it to be more fun. So for the first time ever, I’m gonna back up vaults and then wipe them clean next wipe.

The idea was brought up by Rob. to wipe levels every wipe but to massively increase XP gained so they are easy to get. This might make leveling feel more fun and less grindy as you’d get many levels in a shorter period of time. (For example, think 60xp per hit vs 600xp per hit and like 10 levels instead of 1 for voting). The 50% wipe of hard to acquire levels at the end of the wipe would feel less of a punishment as well. If we did this, you wouldn’t have to worry about tearing everything down and selling everything at the end of the wipe either. Think of the long slog of bringing all your items to shop and how nice it would be to just play for the last few days of the wipe. Some players will start talking about selling everything on Saturday which is almost mid wipe. Is that fun or exhausting? 

The regulars should talk about these things and let Findles or Biscuit know what they think. The vault, I am fairly confident on but the levels idea might get a mixed response. I think with some smart changes we can maybe retain some new players and in the end everybody is rewarded with some fun times.


  1. PlayerChallenges: Continued work.
    – So far, a ton of work has gone into PCRewards and I am hoping it is something we can showcase on the website and in the server title. 
    – Some of the perks come from existing plugins but the bulk of it so far has been from custom code. So our server will home something unique here.
    – Some PCRewards are already active. I have a page on the site that I am maintaining a list on [here]. I’ll also figure out a few ways to communicate it to the end player in-game later on.
  2. Kill: Added /kill command.
  3. Recycler: /rec has returned. The command is very convenient, however recycling at the monument will now always be more profitable. For example, a Semi Automatic Body will salvage for 15 scrap at a recycler while /rec will get you about 6 scrap and a 5 minute cooldown. For VIP perk, you can expect 8 scrap and no cooldown. Even with donator, it is still far better to risk your ass at a monument which I think is more fun anyway. Numbers are subject to change.
  4. Rules: Updated rules page to cover in-game voice. FYI, due to the effort involved anybody who gets a voice mute will likely have it permanently. Same goes for sign-ban.
  5. Shop: Reduced price of levels by around 25%. This change was made due to the changes with quarries.
  6. Shop: Added ability to sell Supply Signals to Piper (misc). Thanks, Front.
  7. SignArtist: All /sil usage is now logged. New logging shows player name, Steam ID, type of sign, the URL to the image, etc. This hasn’t been a huge issue but just a heads up, don’t risk sign ban.
  8. Town 4.0: New iteration of town is up. Building 3.0 messed some stuff up and there were some issues with players connecting. The new town has more entities but it is 75% smaller in size, and as a result it loads a lot faster. There’s a crafting area, Workbench 1, and a bunch of other features. Will continue to improve it as we go.
  9. Website: Updated style a bit. Will continue to bring polish to it over time.
  10. Website: Added a page for PlayerChallenges and stuck it in the Server Info menu. This will be a better place to keep all the rewards listed but I see PC rewards as being something to showcase. Info will likely make its way into the game as well so that players know what is going on with the rewards.

Fixes & Known Issues

  1. SignBan: Fixed a conflict between SignBan and ZoneManager. Plugin dev implemented fix in core plugin.

Updates for 12/31/2017

One last update for 2017.

Rideable horses! To use, simply run up to a horse and then spam E (use) to mount it. Once mounted you can sprint (shift), etc and then jump (space) to dismount. Enter third person view by pressing the duck button (CTRL). The feedback so far has been that is that horses are so much better than cars.

Other animals are mountable if admin configures it to be.. but it is rather buggy.. so we’ll stick with horses for now haha. Please help spread the word to old and new players.


  1. AutoKit: Holiday themed autokit is gone and has been reverted to the old kit.
  2. FancyDrop: Biscuit added some custom code to add support for our custom loot plugin. Supply drops are less shitty now.
  3. PlayerChallenges: Started working on PC rewards with creation of spreadsheet of all ideas as well as a new plugin called PCRewards. For the spreadsheet, we’ll be going over the ideas and figuring out which rewards we want to give per category. Some rewards will be easy to give as they are just a matter of giving a permission. Other rewards will require adding new free or paid mods. Any reward that isn’t possible with current plugins will need custom code which is where the plugin will come in.
    FireSwords: Added plugin. Probably use it for part of blade kills reward.
    Thor’s Hammer: Work on this is almost done. Creates a neat visual effect when hitting something with your wooden or salvaged hammer. Could be cool to use for most structures repaired. I will use this concept for other categories as well but will switch up the effect.
  4. Master Lock: Another Biscuit plugin. Syncs all locks to the lock on your TC (aka the master lock). Use /masterlock to toggle it off or on. Use /opendoors or /closedoors to open/close all doors linked with the master lock.
  5. PlayerSkins: We have a skin moderator! I got Acidics to manage the /skin shop to keep things fresh. I plan on adding others but I want to see how this goes first. There are no powers with this position aside from swapping skins around.
  6. Rideable Horses: Added plugin donated by Acidics.
  7. Shenanigans: Continued developing this plugin. The new system will send discord message when shen is on or off. In-game if you turn shen on an explosion will happen on each player to get their attention (no damage). I will want players to be able to do /shen help or just /shen to get a list of perks and commands.
  8. TC Manager: Biscuit wrote a neat plugin that allows remote tool cupboard management. The coolest part about it is being able to access your TC inventory without being in front of it (/tcinv).

Fixes & Known Issues

  1. RaidBlock: Plugin was sometimes not working. Biscuit implemented a workaround til we can get plugin dev to fix it long term.

To Do List

  1. PlayerChallenges: Newest update makes it so if you are in the top of a category, you are put in a group with that category name. If you lose your top spot, you are removed from the group and the new top dog gets sole membership in that group. The reason this is awesome is that I can give bonuses to those groups via permissions. Imagine having tools that don’t break if you are top tree chopper, or animals won’t attack you if you have top animal kills. I have been making a list of different perks, but really we can do almost anything with some programming.
  2. Website: Update the server manual.
  3. Town 4.0: Crafting room with Bench #1 and a few other things. Might do this within the garage. Re-do lighting. We need a more long term solution for protecting server buildings while Oxide is down. I will likely turn off upkeep while Oxide is down.
  4. Donator: Go over perks. Maybe come up with some perma-unlocks.
  5. Discord: Get playerlist to occasionally show in the rust_chat channel.

Updates for 12/21/2017

Quick pre-holiday update. After the holidays I will likely work on the PlayerChallenges rewards. This will be a pretty neat change and will make trying to top the leaderboards even more fun. Check the To Do list below.

I will be out of town until around Wednesday. You’ll still be able to reach me on Discord. Any pressing in-game issues should be directed to Biscuit. For any emergencies like “Omg I’m stuck”, try F1 > kill. haha. Cheers everybody!


  1. ConnectMessages: Added some custom code to have the messages pipe into Discord’s #rust_chat channel. Sent some feedback to dev to hopefully get this added to core plugin.
  2. CupboardMessages: Added plugin that will put a message on your screen any time you place a TC. It will remind you to put resources in the TC. I added some language to say that low grade fuel will power the lights.
  3. Quarries: If you have a quarry in your vault, don’t place it this wipe. I want to see how things play out. The new people don’t have access to these, after all. Long-term we might do a 1 per person limit. We’ll see!

Fixes & Known Issues

  1. Base Lag: The base lag issue that was mentioned a few times in Discord this past week turned out to be an isolated issue related to some “ghost” entities. Issue shouldn’t return.

To Do List

  1. Shenanigans: Started working on a shenanigans plugin. It will do what it already does + add some other features. Once it is set up, I’ll probably add some nutty things we can enable/disable on the fly. Also allow me to do certain things easier from the console.
  2. PlayerChallenges: Newest update makes it so if you are in the top of a category, you are put in a group with that category name. If you lose your top spot, you are removed from the group and the new top dog gets sole membership in that group. The reason this is awesome is that I can give bonuses to those groups via permissions. Imagine having tools that don’t break if you are top tree chopper, or animals won’t attack you if you have top animal kills. I have been making a list of different perks, but really we can do almost anything with some programming. 
  3. Town: Crafting room with Bench #1 and a few other things. Might do this within the garage. Re-do lighting. We need a more long term solution for protecting server buildings while Oxide is down. I will likely turn off upkeep while Oxide is down.
  4. Donator: Go over perks. Maybe come up with some perma-unlocks.
  5. Discord: Get playerlist to occasionally show in the rust_chat channel.
  6. PlayerSkins: Set up mod. Continue to add categories and additional skins.

Updates for 12/15/2017

Here’s an update on the remover tool as well as other things I have been working on. Some of this is old news that I’ve had in draft since last week. There are some fun new xmas entities in the game.


  1. AutoFuel: Installed new quality of life plugin that will automatically fuel lights if there is low grade in the Tool Cupboard’s inventory. You no longer need to put fuel in your lights. Just keep your TC topped up.
  2. Decay: I’ve temporarily lowered decay to vanilla levels for most entities. Decay on loot chests is still off. Once we get a feel for how much the changes are going to affect us, I will adjust accordingly. FYI decay is extremely harsh up until you start putting materials into your tool cupboard, so keep some mats in your TC.
  3. Remover Tool: Edited the plugin to change how /remove works. This is a big change that has a bunch of interesting implications. In order to /remove an entity, you (or clan member) need to own it + you need to have building privilege. If you lose building privilege, you won’t be able to just fire up /remove and then waltz back into your base or quarry to take it back. If you take over somebody else’s quarry or structure then you won’t be able to grief with remover tool.. you’d only be able to /remove entities you placed. If you take over a quarry and you wish to purge the area of the base and start fresh, then you’d have to empty the TC of materials and then let it decay.
  4. Site Eh: I moved the airdrop location to Site A and then set up spawn points on the North and South sides.
  5. Voter Rewards: Vote rewards have been greatly increased. We’ve also got rid of top-rustservers because of frequent time-outs. We are down to 1 voting site but that’s OK. Claiming vote rewards will now pipe to the Discord #rust_chat room.

Fixes & Known Issues

  1. Various plugins were updated due to the Building 3.0 changes.
  2. Clan Share: Received reports from players that the sharing works and you can access the TC contents just great.. until you put a code lock on the TC. Clan mates weren’t able to access the TC contents until they had entered the code. Reported it to the dev and it was fixed.
  3. Sleeper Eject: Fixed eject zone. I will still kill people here from time to time.
  4. Stack Sizes: Fixed stack sizes of some meats. Facepunch changed a few names.
  5. Vault: Implemented a workaround to allow vault use again. The build changes affected this plugin as well.
  6. Zones: Server buildings were decaying when they shouldn’t have been. The ZoneManager dev fixed the issue.

To Do List

  1. Town: Crafting room with Bench #1 and a few other things. Might do this within the garage. Re-do lighting. We need a more long term solution for protecting server buildings while Oxide is down.
  2. Donator: Go over perks. Maybe come up with some perma-unlocks.
  3. Discord: Get playerlist to occasionally show in the rust_chat channel.
  4. PlayerSkins: Set up mod. Continue to add categories and additional skins.
  5. Recycler (/rec): Fix math. Cooldown.