Updates for 01/31/2018

Set up a server YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and email. If you want to submit images for retweet, hit me up. Long term I’d like to gain more visibility and ultimately more players. For the YouTube channel, I’d at the very least like to make short guides that we can embed on the website. If anybody captures some video on the server and edits it down to just be cool stuff, I’d be willing to host it as well. I have plans to get a logo designed too. Even ran some ads on Facebook. Lots of things to do! PC first tho before any of the time sinks mentioned above.


  1. Dedicated Server:
  2. – Cached version of the website has been migrated over to the new server.
    – Some great progress on server and oxide update automation.
  3. Levels: The huge XP amounts caused issues with the plugin. I kept the same ratios but scaled it all down to 100 level cap.
  4. PlayerChallengesRewards:
    – Current list of perks [here].
    – Added instant-TP perk to TimeLord.
    – Added cosmetic effect for most rockets fired (SpreadFire).
    – Added no fall damage perk for most players healed.
    – Added bolt action rifle bonus damage to heli & bradley perk.
    – Added reduced damage from heli & bradley perk.
    – Added Firesword perk.
  5. RandomSpawnPoints: Paid plugin acquired. Creates hundreds of spawn points around the map that you’d spawn to instead of the few locations on a beach. The treasure plugin we’ll eventually get will use this and we might be able to use it for other stuff.
  6. Shop:
    – Reduced price of levels.

Fixes & Known Issues

  1. PlayerChallenges: Implemented some bandaid fixes to stop flares from counting as an explosive and to prevent teleport to affect PVP/PVE distance kills.

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