Updates for 01/17/2018

Did some prep work for the next wipe. Let me tell you about quarries, loot, levels, TimeLord, and more.

Heads up about quarries:
– Quarries are purchased from Piper in town.
– Quarry output will be the same no matter where you put it.
– We’ll be doing our best to enforce a 1 per person limit. If you don’t play then your quarry goes away.. so no gifting quarries or letting others take your quarry over. You can raid quarries but not take them over for your use. You can blow them up, so if you lose access to your compound then rocket the thing from afar to reset your limit). Eventually tracking will improve so that enforcing becomes easier. I’d rather focus on how seeing how the balance plays out than dealing with enforcing so please spread the word and keep an eye out.


  1. Levels: In preparation for the wipe, XP per hit has been greatly increased. Night time XP is double that of day. I’ll adjust things after wipe based on feedback.
  2. LoadingScreen: Added new plugin. If you’ve joined, you’ve noticed it. Nifty.
  3. Mining Quarries:
    – Added ability to buy them in shop with cooldown. 1 per wipe.
    – Added EntityLimit plugin to block placing more than 1 quarry.
    – Biscuit added standard output to Old School Quarries plugin so that no matter where you place them, you’ll always get the same output.
    – Added warning message on quarry placement.
    – Will be adding all sorts of tracking to prevent abuse. May allow more later but I’d rather start off small.
    – I want to start off small with this stuff. I think having smaller amounts of quarries will make competition a little tougher. Prices might change. Maybe they’ll make it onto the loot tables.
  4. PlayerChallenges:
    – Biscuit has added playtime tracker category. Title isĀ TimeLord. Rewards are to be determined but they will likely be good.
  5. SurveyInfo: Disabled the plugin as it no longer serves a purpose.

Fixes & Known Issues

  1. Loot: The plugin was more or less set up correctly and was spawning the correct items, but the amounts being delivered weren’t correct. Anything I put in wasn’t giving the expected results. As it turned out, dev made a mistake and Biscuit fixed it. Barrel, crate, supply drops, etc should be better. Will be subject to change later but it is nice to know that at least the numbers we put it will actually register now.

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