Updates for 01/14/2018

Today I bring for you a recap of all the recent changes including changes to town, vault, and a few new plugin commands. If you read any post, read this one.

Unless an influx of votes come in to the contrary, we’ll likely be doing Barren next wipe on the 18th. Vote [here].

Vault. I think some changes need to be made to this bad boy in order to increase the fun and make the server a lot more fair to newcomers. If you are efficient at using the current system as it is, you can set up an OP base on day 1 without the usual involved effort. This lets boredom creep in as players have nothing to do besides raid. The new players are hit with a double whammy as they can’t really get established or go on the offense. I’m not opposed to increasing vault size, reducing prices of levels in shop further, or making levels much easier to acquire.. just want it to be more fun. So for the first time ever, I’m gonna back up vaults and then wipe them clean next wipe.

The idea was brought up by Rob. to wipe levels every wipe but to massively increase XP gained so they are easy to get. This might make leveling feel more fun and less grindy as you’d get many levels in a shorter period of time. (For example, think 60xp per hit vs 600xp per hit and like 10 levels instead of 1 for voting). The 50% wipe of hard to acquire levels at the end of the wipe would feel less of a punishment as well. If we did this, you wouldn’t have to worry about tearing everything down and selling everything at the end of the wipe either. Think of the long slog of bringing all your items to shop and how nice it would be to just play for the last few days of the wipe. Some players will start talking about selling everything on Saturday which is almost mid wipe. Is that fun or exhausting? 

The regulars should talk about these things and let Findles or Biscuit know what they think. The vault, I am fairly confident on but the levels idea might get a mixed response. I think with some smart changes we can maybe retain some new players and in the end everybody is rewarded with some fun times.


  1. PlayerChallenges: Continued work.
    – So far, a ton of work has gone into PCRewards and I am hoping it is something we can showcase on the website and in the server title. 
    – Some of the perks come from existing plugins but the bulk of it so far has been from custom code. So our server will home something unique here.
    – Some PCRewards are already active. I have a page on the site that I am maintaining a list on [here]. I’ll also figure out a few ways to communicate it to the end player in-game later on.
  2. Kill: Added /kill command.
  3. Recycler: /rec has returned. The command is very convenient, however recycling at the monument will now always be more profitable. For example, a Semi Automatic Body will salvage for 15 scrap at a recycler while /rec will get you about 6 scrap and a 5 minute cooldown. For VIP perk, you can expect 8 scrap and no cooldown. Even with donator, it is still far better to risk your ass at a monument which I think is more fun anyway. Numbers are subject to change.
  4. Rules: Updated rules page to cover in-game voice. FYI, due to the effort involved anybody who gets a voice mute will likely have it permanently. Same goes for sign-ban.
  5. Shop: Reduced price of levels by around 25%. This change was made due to the changes with quarries.
  6. Shop: Added ability to sell Supply Signals to Piper (misc). Thanks, Front.
  7. SignArtist: All /sil usage is now logged. New logging shows player name, Steam ID, type of sign, the URL to the image, etc. This hasn’t been a huge issue but just a heads up, don’t risk sign ban.
  8. Town 4.0: New iteration of town is up. Building 3.0 messed some stuff up and there were some issues with players connecting. The new town has more entities but it is 75% smaller in size, and as a result it loads a lot faster. There’s a crafting area, Workbench 1, and a bunch of other features. Will continue to improve it as we go.
  9. Website: Updated style a bit. Will continue to bring polish to it over time.
  10. Website: Added a page for PlayerChallenges and stuck it in the Server Info menu. This will be a better place to keep all the rewards listed but I see PC rewards as being something to showcase. Info will likely make its way into the game as well so that players know what is going on with the rewards.

Fixes & Known Issues

  1. SignBan: Fixed a conflict between SignBan and ZoneManager. Plugin dev implemented fix in core plugin.

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  1. Der dunkle Hintergrund sieht viel besser aus als der weiße Hintergrund meiner Meinung nach.

    The dark background looks way better than the white background in my opinion.

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