Updates for 12/07/2017

HAPIS. We’re doing Hapis this month and possibly longer if our regulars like it. Hapis is a hand-crafted map that isn’t randomized like the regular procedural map. From what I’ve heard there tends to be a bit more PVP. Rust has been steadily making updates to this map for awhile now, and with the Building 3.0 changes it seems like a good time to try it out. If we end up staying with Hapis more long term, I could set up some more interesting things around the map. Currently the biggest setback in rolling out our setup is the time it takes to configure a new map. 

Building 3.0! There are some huge changes coming to the Rust building system today. The changes will change the dynamics of building and raiding and should make the game more interesting from a building perspective.

  • 1 Tool Cupboard per building. Your TC radius is no longer a sphere but it will now cover your entire building.
  • Privilege radius is now based on the building and not the TC.
  • Tool Cupboards have storage space. Decay will pull resources from here before actually damaging your building. This might be coming in the near future and not this patch.
  • Twig foundations can’t be placed when building blocked. You can still place floors and ladders. This is a big nerf to twig raiding. It has yet to be seen if plugins can further block twig raids but honestly, that change alone will help a lot.
  • Roof blocks. Roof blocks now include a wall and a roof.
  • Foundations snap at half height. This opens up a lot of building options and makes building on uneven ground so much easier.
  • Half-height walls added.
  • Wall stacking is gone. Some base designs will no longer work. With all the changes, I suggest watching some videos to open your mind up to some new types of buildings.

But who here cares about Building 3.0 when all anybody does on a 10x+ server is build huge 10k honeycombed bases? I won’t touch components for now but we are shifting down to 5x+levels gather rate. We may go as low as 3x baseline, but don’t freak out.. we still have levels. I want to see how the building style shifts. Side bonus is there will be more server resources for skins and mods!

The final major Rust change are the changes to quarries. Quarries will no longer be craftable. Instead, they will be static monuments you have to compete over. I already have a short list of issues this may create and I have some ideas on how to deal with them.

I am excited for most of the changes and hope you are too. My favorite thing to do is build. With the roof changes I am totally expecting my town to be fucked up after wipe lol!


  1. Gather Rate: Changed baseline from 10x to 5x+ levels. See above.
  2. Hapis: We’re giving Hapis Island a try. See above. If you don’t know much about Hapis, I suggest watching some videos for a quick breakdown. With the map change and the changes to building I am totally expecting that I’ll be up to my eyeballs in fixes and adjustments. I’m not sure yet what to do to replace airfield either.
  3. Server Santa: Set up a temporary $1 donator option. Once claimed, everybody on the server gets a Santa Hat, a SUPER Stocking and 5 presents on the ground. In addition, all stockings on the server get refilled. The donator gets 5 stockings and credit in chat. I’ll also be doing random ones, so farm up some stockings and set up a shrine to Santa in your base! There’s also a new Santa NPC and stage in town where I’ll put up a bunch of public stockings. Use /donate for more info.

Fixes & Known Issues

  1. Regular plugin maintenance.

To Do List

  1. Town: Crafting room with Bench #1 and a few other things. Might do this within the garage. Re-do lighting. Will likely visit after wipe.
  2. Remover: Check to see if remover tool works once TC auth is gone.
  3. Discord: Get playerlist to occasionally show in the rust_chat channel.
  4. PlayerSkins: Set up mod. Continue to add categories and additional skins.
  5. Recycler (/rec): Fix math. Cooldown.
  6. Turrets: Look at turret HP in a few weeks.

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