Updates for 5/16/2018


Three new plugins and more. Catch up on the changes to MAIN below.


  1. PlayerChallenges Rewards (/pcrewards)
    • Current list of perks [here].
    • PlayerChallenges got updated and so we have more categories to play with. More to come later.
  2. Airstrike
    • Airstrikes are called in by using /airstrike with Airstrike Orders (aka research paper ). You can get paper from voting (/vote) or from Esther in the shop. I may change this again in the future to something like fuel. Will see.
  3. Dock System (not final title)
    • Wrote a plugin that allows an admin to create boat spawn points much like you would add a home. When a boat is purchased from a shop NPC, a boat is spawned at one of the spawn points.
    • I also took the opportunity to mod the boat as well. Purchased boats will already have fuel, be faster and can do some other tricks.
    • Turbo mode. Hold down right-click to engage turbo mode. While in turbo your boat will burn more fuel so keep it topped up. Coming out of turbo requires some finesse so that you don’t flip it over.
    • Flip! Did you pop a wheelie in your boat and now you are staring at the fish below? Simply use /flip.
    • Trolling speed. Hold down left-click to apply a gentle forward force on your craft. Great for when you are pulling up to your dock or trying to sneak up on somebody.
    • Turn on a dime. Hold down left-click while turning to perform a sharp turn. Fun and great for tricks.
    • At some point I’d like to allow players to save docks and spawn in their own boats.
  4. Furnaces:
    • A new dev took over the QuickSmelt plugin. As a result, the config changed drastically. Furnaces will feel different going forward. They are set to be 5x. We can change this but I’d like to get some feedback first.
  5. Mining Quarries
    • Added quarry back to the shop. First one is still free via /kit. They won’t be cheap, but at least it wont be super devastating to lose, and adds some more value to cash.
  6. Pumpjacks
    • Created custom plugin to handle deployment and removal of pumpjacks. Players can deploy and remove pumpjacks they own on their own. Plugin automatically checks for certain conditions in order to enforce the rules.
    • Use /pj or /pumpjack while in game. The Server manual has been updated as well.
    • The donator page has been updated with the new information. Click for more information.
  7. Website
  8. Skins
    • Developed our own skins plugin called SkinID. It’ll be a tiny bit more complicated to use initially, but will offer a ton of options for you guys and will be easier on the server. It will also have AutoSkinning! Read all about it here.
    • We are also working on completely redoing the /skin box default skins. This plugin is nice as it gives a simple to use static skin list without the need for websites. Tofu Ninja, egg, Mortal Karter and myself have been busy getting the list ready and many of the skins have already made it into the plugin.
    • Retired the PlayerSkins plugin for now. Too resource intensive and it was interfering with backups.
  9. Town Version 5.0
    • Town will now be in this static location going forward. This will allow for quicker setup and more frequent map changes.
    • Town had some fairly major renovations done.
    • Biscuit created a plugin to add a “lighthouse” to town.
    • Town now has a dock system and a new NPC along with it. Talk to the NPC to purchase a buffed boat that is preloaded with fuel and other features.
    • Over time you’ll notice our NPCs acquiring some custom outfits and more personality.

EffigyLTD: Vanilla

This server exists now. No plugins aside from chat colors, /help, welcome message, /players, a few admin tools. There are no donor perks. If you want to donate to the Moving Animal Fund, click here.

Thanks for reading!

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