Updates for 4/19/2018


Catch up on the changes to MAIN below.


  1. PlayerChallenges Rewards (/pcrewards)
    • Current list of perks [here].
  2. Crafting
    • All crafting is now instant.
    • Admins will no longer refund any item lost due to server restart. Rust doesn’t gracefully save everything when you reboot the server. If you want that to change, start bugging them.
    • Removed the CraftQueueSaver plugin as it never really worked.
  3. Description
    • Updated server description.
  4. Max Slots
    • Reduced max server slots to 50. I may reduce it further. We still have the same amount of resources at our disposal. I’ve explained why in Discord. 😉
  5.  NoWoundedSuicide
    • Wrote plugin to block kill commands while a player is in the wounded state. This may be a tiny annoyance for the wounded person, but this was necessary to prevent exploiting PlayerChallenges.
    • Commands: kill, suicide.
  6. QuarryLimit
    • Wrote a plugin to enforce quarry rules.
    • How it works: Place a quarry. It checks to see if you already have one on the server. If you do, it’ll destroy the one you just placed, and immediately refund. If your quarry is destroyed or you /remove it, you can place a new one down so long as you find one. It blocks turning on a quarry you do not own, but will support clans. When you use /ql, it will display some helpful stats like location, HP and status. There is tracking for my end. Rules and help are built into the plugin. While it isn’t enabled, I have a config option available for me to block fuel access on quarries you don’t own. Server static quarries don’t count in any of this. I believe I’ve worked out all the kinks with pumpjacks.
    • To do: I have a list of things I want to do such as allow you to find clan quarry locations, allow me to delete specific quarries remotely, allow me to remotely change the limits and a few other bs things that don’t really matter.
    • Commands: /ql or /quarrylimit. /ql <rules|help>
  7. Steam Group


  1. RideableHorses
    • Dev fixed the plugin. Re-enabled it.
  2. Misc
    • Did some code cleanup on some plugins. Too much to list.
    • Put out lots of fires. There are a few plugins that still need an update and I’ll fix as they come out.

EffigyLTD: WeekendRust

Catch up on the changes to WeekendRust below.


  1. AlphaLoot
    • Plugin added. Our current setup is exactly what we have on the main server. I want to see how things go before I make changes.
    • Added High External Stone Walls to table.
  2. BetterChat
    • Plugin added. I am pretty happy with the config on main so I copied it over.
  3. Clans
    • Plugin added. Duo for now, though I may change this to trio without announcing anything. You may clan ally with 1 other clan. I haven’t added any of the share stuff yet.
  4. FancyDrop
    • Plugin added. This means random drops here and there and other customizations to encourage PVP.
  5. NoWoundedSuicide
    • Added. See above.
  6. Steam Group
    • See above.


  1. Nothing to report.
    • N/A

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