Updates for 04/07/2018


Spring is here! Spent a ton of time making changes, revamping, polishing, and clearing out the cobwebs. Read about this and more below.


  1. PlayerChallenges Rewards (/pcrewards)
    • Current list of perks [here].
    • The ammo perk now has a chance to occur (down from guaranteed).
    • Started building the player-facing information part of the plugin. Made some good progress but this isn’t its final form. For now, when you gain a perk you will be informed. You can all call up information by using /pcrinfo. Later, I’ll add cooldowns and so on.
    • Note: Don’t trade kills or use other means to exploit the leaderboard. Totally ruins the spirit of the thing.
    • Removed laptop cost. Strikes now costs Research Paper. You can get these from voting, though I might change the cost to something else like low grade. The point of changing the cost was to leave people’s laptops for turrets. Use /vote for more info.
    • Created a new group called ‘Founder’. Think of it as permanent VIP05 with a few differences.
    • Each group now has a corresponding daily kit. If you are a part of multiple groups, you will have multiple kits.
    • Colored names have been re-worked. Each group will have its own color.
    • Removed /callheli . Helis will now be sent to the caller’s location. This is still a very useful perk. Calling heli on a target was long overdue to be removed due to how easy it made finding an enemy’s base. Donator perks have thus changed a bit.
    • SignArtist perk includes /sil and now /silt. The /silt command allows you to upload text to a sign. For example, use /silt “go away” on a sign near your base to positively repel would-be raiders.
    • The donator page has been completely redone.
  4. HELI
    • Raised HP of gibs from 1 to 500. Gibs can be harvested after 480 seconds. Crates unlock after a short period of time. I don’t want to be annoying, this change is to try to add some counter-play to heli farm. We can play with numbers and see how it goes!
  5. Kits
    • Huge revamp to all the daily kits.
    • Re: Weapons. Kits won’t give weapons anymore. Cooldowns at shop have been reduced. Get crafting.
    • Re: Armor. Kits won’t give armor anymore. Craft it!
  6. LoadingMessages
    • Added some extra loading messages. Should help the new players.
  7. NTeleportation
    • Revamped the teleport times and max homes for all groups.
    • Minigame. I’ll be developing this more.
    • Shoot a zombie. Eat pickles.
  9. PilotEject
    • Added PilotEject plugin. Periodically a Heli will malfunction and crash. You can kill the pilot for loot and there’ll be some crates as well.
  10. PMAdmin
    • Created a tiny plugin that allows me to PM players from the console or a player and vice versa. This was a QoL improvement for me.
    • General support requests should be made in the #support channel on Discord. For things that actually need an Admin, you can use /message.
  11. PreferredEnvironment (/myweather)
    • Dev added console commands. Nice for keybinds!
  12. RemoverTool (/remove)
    • Using the remove tool on a box should no longer be possible while the box has items in it. This is just a safety net. We aren’t responsible for lost goods.
  13. Suicide (/kill/suicidekillsuicide)
    • Suicide is blocked while you are in a wounded state. This is to prevent people not allowing others to take credit for kills. Should help even out the leaderboard.
  14. SHOP (/town)
    • Shop items that used to have a 24 hr cooldown have had their cooldowns reduced to 12 hrs. This mostly affected guns.
    • Updated the connection guide for Main. Needs a few images. [LINK]
    • Updated the donator page for main. [LINK]
    • Created a welcome message.
    • Welcome message will include info such the /help command, the wipe schedule as well as links to our website and Discord. I’m going to try to rely less on the AutoMsg’s I sometimes use from the console.


    • Made some changes to the animal AI to help with a few things.
  2. AntiNoobRaid
    • Disabled plugin. I worked with dev on this and still get crippling lag. I may take another poke at this later.
    • Disabled Playtime Tracker plugin.
  3. LOOT
    • Various signs were missing from loot table. Fixed.
  4. SKINS
    • Rust pushed an update on Thursday to try and fix skins again.

EffigyLTD: WeekendRust

Catch up on the changes to WeekendRust below.


    • Upped efficiency so that more charcoal is produced.
    • Sped up smelting due to popular request.
    • I may make other changes that are in keeping with a short wipe. Keep the feedback incoming. We have the option to InstaSmelt.
  2. HELP MENU (/help)
    • Created a basic help menu.
    • Plugin count will be low so I should be able to cover it all without referring players to the website.
    • The main server will have a version of this.
  3. Kits (/kit)
    • Added consumables kit.
    • Shoot a zombie. Eat pickles.
  5. PilotEject
    • Added PilotEject plugin.
  6. PMAdmin
    • Copied from MAIN.
    • Played a bit with radiation in Visual Studio. I like radiation but wanted to nerf it a bit to speed things up.
    • We have lots of options when it comes to radiation. We could make it so that pills aren’t as punishing. We could make eating corn cure rads. We could make radioactive grenades, ammo, etc.
    • Donator perk: Added a tiny buff to the radiation nerf.
  8. RemoverTool (/remove)
    • Updated config to match MAIN.
    • Started migrating content from the WeekendRust site to the main site.
    • Copied & customized welcome message from MAIN.


  1. Kits (/kit)
    • Set up something to automatically reset kit data on wipe.

Thanks for reading!

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