Updates for 03/22/2018

Big news! New server! Please read on…

Created a new server called WeekendRust. Our servers will show up as:

  • EffigyLTD: MAIN
  • EffigyLTD: WeekendRust

So, what’s this all about?

WeekendRust will have a faster, pick-up-and-go pace that will cater to PVP and raiding on a short wipe cycle. The focus here is PVP and raiding with not too much grind.¬†WeRu (haha) won’t have a ton of mods. No town, no zones, no shop, no shenanigans, no /pc, no vault, and so on. We may have a very light version of PC, but we’ll see. We will have some nice choice plugins though such as kits, stacksize, gather, alphaloot, instant craft, info panel, etc. If there’s something we can’t live without, we’ll add it. Simplicity is important though. So far, the wipes have been as simple as rebooting. I can pick a new map every time because of the ease of setup. The wipe schedule will be Thursdays and Mondays. This will help with entity count but also help with the primary goal. Things are pretty basic right now til funding starts to roll in (P.S. if you are already donor I’ll do what I can to sync vip across servers). If the config doesn’t match the pace we want to see, we’ll adjust.

Connect info is here

EffigyLTD MAIN will keep on being our heavily-modded, progression-based, 2-week wipe setup that we all love. I have a ton of things I still want to do and I will be focused on that. On MAIN, we have people who pop on to ask when wipe is and then we never see them again and others who get burnt out from the “grind”. Having a fast-paced server to point them to would keep those people around. The flipside as well is that the people on the fast-paced server might want to check out the main server, growing our community in the process.

That’s basically it for now. I will be making changes to the site, Discord and the servers in order to add some cohesion and polish. In order to free up more of my time, I’ll be recruiting one or two people to act as filters for some of the requests I get. Be assured that abuse-free Rust continues to be very important to me.

In other news…


  1. PlayerChallengesRewards:
    – Current list of perks [here].
  2. Animals: Made it so horses don’t move. Will help with lag a tiny bit but the main reason for this was so that rideable horses worked better. Plugin dev said he’d make this a feature of the plugin.
  3. Discord: Added a #salt channel. I will allow trash-talk in this channel. If this ends up being a bad idea, I will remove the channel.
  4. Dynopocalypse: Created a new plugin that starts a fun little event. See /donate for more info.
  5. Donate: Added a few donator options for fun and to test the waters. One of them you’ll notice is the blade kills perk, minus the title. I’ll probably swap a few things like this in or out over time.
  6. Kits: Removed some of the rarely used kits. Added kits UI. You can still use the commands.
  7. Support: Created a new support role and #support channel on Discord. There will be a bit of a barrier to entry when it comes to getting support from me directly. I enjoy helping but there’s no reason I should be the bottleneck to you figuring out how to summon a car, for instance. I volunteered Quentin & Bunny since they are already chat mods. Acidics you’ll notice in the role. I don’t mind adding others, but I am extremely selective. Good knowledge of the server plugins is a must. By the way, anybody can answer questions in the #support thread.
  8. Weather: Added plugin that gives you control over your own personal weather. Feel like having a foggy morning or perhaps a rainy afternoon? Your settings do not affect others on the server. This is a donator perk. Added info to donator page and server manual.
    /myweather <rain/fog/wind/clouds> <0.01.0> (or /myweather disable)

Fixes & Known Issues

  1. Animals: Some players have reported invisible animals. I let the dev know but he doesn’t seem to think the issue is with the plugin. Try making a foundation and jumping on top.
  2. AntiNoobRaid: Has some ongoing lag issues. I have kept it disabled and only enabled it for testing. Been trying to work with the dev to fix this permanently. Will keep ya posted.
  3. Skins: People keep bugging me about skins. Continues to be an issue that Facepunch continues to work on. There have been a few mandatory fixes this last month for skins.. hopefully they fixed it this time.

That’s all. Sorry for the novel. Thanks for reading.

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