Updates for 03/15/2018

New plugins to go over as well as some other news. He’s an accumulation of everything that has changed over the last wipe.


  1. PlayerChallengesRewards:
    – Current list of perks [here].
    – Added “hot tool” style perk for plants gathered.
    – Added animal kills give you and your clan bonus cash.
    – Added barrel kills give you and your clan bonus cash.
    – Added animal kills give you and your clan distance-based bonus cash.
    – Added player kills give you and your clan distance-based bonus cash.
    – The above cash rewards are spread evenly across the clan. Small clans or solo players will see a bigger piece of the pie.
    – Added SPAS to shotgun list so it can receive perks.
    – Added basic info message for when you gain a title. Will flesh this out much more later.
    – We are getting closer to being done with the initial perk setup. If you check the perk list page, you will see what I mean. Once I’m done with the first round of perks, I’ll clean up the code and start adding more messaging in the game.
  2. AntiNoobRaid: This plugin got some much needed improvements. The plugin now supports clans. This means that if you are raiding, you will remove protection for your entire clan. This is to further prevent exploiting. You can now use /removenoob to manually remove your noob status.
  3. Clans-REBORN: Our previous clans plugin has been replaced. You can now kick offline members. The biggest perk is that this plugin doesn’t rely on Rust:IO. Use /clan help¬†in-game for a list of the commands.¬†Thanks Tofu Ninja for donating this plugin.
  4. AlphaLoot: Created a SPAS-12 crate for the heli & bradley loot tables.
  5. Rewards: Added custom code so that cash is given for zombie kills.
  6. Town Sleepers: Built a plugin that automatically purges town sleepers on a timer. Previously this was done manually and with some inconsistency. Version 1 of this does a certain amount of damage to players on a timer. In the future I may revisit this idea and come at it from another approach. You could be unlucky and log off with a small amount of HP and hit the timer or you could get lucky and have server reboot reset the timer. Those are just the chances you take for now. Fair warning.

Fixes & Known Issues

  1. Heli: Please report any anomalies with the heli.
  2. AntiNoobRaid: Worked with dev to figure out issue that was causing lag. Incendiary rockets will not be refunded.

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