Updates for 03/01/2018

Wipe day. How about sending some Day 1 base builds my way for Twitter? PM on Discord or send them @EffigyLTD. Thanks!

He’s an accumulation of everything that has changed over the last wipe.


  1. PlayerChallengesRewards:
    – Current list of perks [here].
    – Added own explosives won’t damage self perk. Excludes certain explosives.
    – Added bolt does bonus damage vs Cars & Turrets perk.
    – Added no condition damage to attachments perk.
    – Added no condition damage to SMGs perk.
    – Added no condition damage to Shotguns perk.
    – Added when using x, ammo of current type is taken from inventory before magazine. If this one ends up being too OP, we can adjust or partially remove.
    – Added framework for clan reward type. Example, if player with most animal kills takes out a boar then the player + clan members each get some cash. Haven’t implemented this yet but expect it soon.
  2. AlphaLoot:
    – Improved heli loot tables with BunnyRapist. Thanks.
    – Will eventually look at Bradley, airdrops, etc.
  3. AntiNoobRaid: I am on the fence with this plugin. I don’t have the resources to police raid towers or other exploits or the desire to deal with drama every day. I’ve reintroduced it after having it down for a day. Protection is 8 hours of playtime. If the person isn’t on for 2 days, they lose noob status permanently. Dev said they would try to add clan support so that if a clan member raids, every clan member loses noob protection. No ETA. This plugin isn’t perfect and there is always going to be a way to exploit (obviously not allowed).

    Real talk. The whole point is to retain the new guys. I’ve noticed that new players tend to stick around if they are able to at least get started and aren’t dumped on every day. Doc put it perfectly “your job is easy. you just play. others have to figure out how to grow the population.” It is a team effort. I appreciate some not going too hard early in the wipe and who are on board. If you have any ideas for growing player base more let me know. If it involves imposing limits or changing gameplay (like antiofflineraid, other protections) then you are going to talk to each other first in order to get a consensus. I have other plans to help us grow as well, it just takes time to do.

  4. BetterWarps: Added plugin thanks to Connor. The /shop command will no longer be used for fast travel. Instead, you’ll use /warp. /warp list for a list of warps and then /warp to <name> or /warp to #. RaidBlock and all that should work with it. Should make for quicker setup on wipe as the current system was a pain to do every time.
  5. Cars: Made cars take more damage. You should be able to destroy one with a clip or two.
  6. DeathCoords: Wrote a tiny plugin so that the game will now try to tell you the coord and grid of the spot you died.
  7. InfoPanel: Updated this thing to give more useful information.
  8. Keybinds: Added /bindhelp command.
  9. KillNapalm: Removed this for now. Too many noobs buying by accident and will open up opportunities to counter. You can use buckets of water to remove fire, by the way.
  10. Rules:
    – Added rule regarding alternate accounts. TL;DR not allowed.
    – Added a few other rules. No Doxing!
  11. RustIO: Added /rustio command so players can get the link.
  12. ServerManual: Updated the manual. Should mostly be up to date.
  13. Suicide: Added /kill command for convenience.

Fixes & Known Issues

  1. Heli Bug: Sometimes when you shoot at the heli when it is dying, the health will reset and cause the thing to fly all weird. This happens in vanilla Rust as well and Facepunch knows about this. This wipe, we’ve been using a bandaid fix I snuck in. The HeliControl plugin dev has implemented a better workaround for this and so far it seems like it’s going to do the trick. Will continue to monitor.
  2. Rocket Launcher: Fixed an issue with magazine size.
  3. Skins/Images: Still semi broken. This is an issue in vanilla Rust as well and ultimately will need to be patched by Facepunch. The Oxide team and some of the plugin devs have been trying to work around the issue, but it has seen mixed results.

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