Updates for 02/10/2018

AlphaLoot, AntiNoobRaid, a referral system, forums, kits and more…

Not going to write a huge long thing.. just want to say thanks for the last year. I’ve really enjoyed myself due to the new skills I’ve learned, the people I’ve met, the laughs, etc. Especially thankful for the people who support the server and keep coming back every wipe (even when there’s only like 2 people on). Thanks for all the great suggestions as well. I don’t think I’ve let up since I’ve started, and I still have lots planned. Hope to keep you all around for as long as Rust is fun for you.

Back to our 2 week wipe schedule this Thursday!


  1. PlayerChallengesRewards:
    – Current list of perks [here].
    – Own explosives won’t damage self perk. Excludes certain explosives.
  2. AlphaLoot: We purchased this premium mod for editing loot tables. A lot more control and rarities that actually seem to work. The best thing is this plugin works amazing with the airdrop plugin. Loot for every container has been affected. Feedback has been very positive so far. Going forward, if you want to suggest some changes please provide specifics (which item, how much, what range, what containers, etc).
  3. Airdrops (alphaloot continued): Loot is handled by AlphaLoot now. Previously, crates weren’t being filled by the correct amount of items. I spent some time troubleshooting this, but in the end decided to swap loot plugins. Some of the details..
    – Airdrops spawn full and always contain some scrap.
    – The loot on the table takes rarity into consideration.
    – SupplySignals gives 1 crate while airfield/random/massdrop give more. The /shop event for example can drop up to 4 crates. Things should feel more rewarding, so maybe people will go searching for random drops more and even risk some PVP for the lucrative airfield drops.
    – Added a daily massdrop.
  4. AntiNoobRaid: Added plugin to give new players a bit of breathing room when they join the server. You can shoot a base or do /checknew to see if the base is still noob blocked. The player is no longer protected once they’ve acquired enough playtime or they themselves use an explosive. Might suck a bit in the short term, but just remember that we need to grow.
  5. Forum: Created a forum. To use, you must log in. Feel free to join in and introduce yourself, drop suggestions, link to some build videos, etc.
  6. Kits:
    – Got rid of kit Recycler. Just use /rec or monument.
    – Got rid of kit Torch. Just use /togglenoggin
    – Added Workbench 1 and a few other things to kit starter.
    – Added kit Scrap.
  7. Referrals: /refer <playername>. This can only be done once and is meant to help recruit players to the server. At this time the reward is cash.

Fixes & Known Issues

  1. Skins/Images: There’s quite a few plugins right now that use skins or images that are messed up. /sil, /skins, /skin shop, lustymap, and more. I’ll keep checking in on the situation but in the short term some of the plugins we use may or may not work. The version of PlayerSkins I tested last Saturday morning seemed to address the issue but a side effect was that it started to eat all the RAM and crashed the server twice. This was reported by every other server owner as well. The newest version released on Tuesday intermittently.
  2. Edited plugins: A couple plugin devs took suggestions I had or fixed their plugin which means less edited mods to maintain. Woot!
  3. RaidBlock: Plugin now works properly.

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