Updates for 02/03/2018

This is a 1-week wipe. On the 8th, Facepunch is wiping the map on us again as well as Blueprints. Next week will also be a 1-week wipe in order to get us back on track with the 2-week wipe schedule. 


  1. PlayerChallengesRewards:
    – Current list of perks [here].
    – /pcrewards command added.
    – Added /erect perk to most heals.
    – Added bonus damage to animals & zombies perk.
  2. Blueprints: Since BPs are being wiped on the 8th, decided to give everybody all of them.
  3. Removal Tool: Cost removed but /remove will no longer refund resources. It will continue to refund items though.
  4. Supply Drops: Improved loot. Some low quality annoying items were being rolled twice.

Fixes & Known Issues

  1. Skins: Rust changed something with the way Workshop skins load [see devblog 194]. This made it seem like some skins would just load forever. Seems to be working now for me. Doubt it is something that can be fixed with a plugin, but will keep an eye on it. More of a known issue at this point.
  2. Skins: There is an additional issue occurring with some categories like Eoka and more. Working on it!

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